Who We Are

Body & Soul Hair Salon, LLC. was established during the summer of 1998 and has stayed committed to educating themselves on the latest and best techniques, equipment, and products that are available to the beauty and wellness industry.

The goal and vision of the salon remains the same since the inception : to uplift and inspire all who came in contact with the salon. It became very apparent that the idea of self-care was one being greatly neglected among their clients. Consequently, over the past 20+ years they have adopted the motto; “Self care is the best care.” As they enter their 3rd decade in business, the idea of self-care and beauty is merged into one concept, thus the term; Self Care Beauty, was added to their styling community as their brand focus.

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Beauty & Self- Care

Beauty and self-care has to be considered together as one idea. It is incredibly difficult to enjoy true beauty when self care is being neglected. Caring for oneself and engaging in activities that bring happiness is the kind of beauty that cannot be measured by glancing in the mirror. Conversely, when these two concepts intersect with one another, beauty in its unpolluted form is unveiled.

The basics of self care are essential to any beauty regimen. Bojoul’s Ultimate Guide to Self- Care provides a foundational approach to caring for oneself.

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Our Services

We offer a large variety of services and products designed to enhance our client from the inside out. Our focus is to serve our clients overall well-being by providing services that are life enhancing.



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What are people saying about us?

Chamaine Lucas

These women hands are truly anointed! They Love for doing hair makes them women of profection! Go in nappy come out happy!

Sonyia Simpson-Barlow

I love, love going to get my hair done and Body & Soul Hair Studio. The hair stylist there are wonderful people inside and out. Plus you get the best styles in the world. Stay blessed to all the stylist.

Bonita Long

Two of the most sweetest kindest ppl you can meet. And very talented.

Our Team

Kimberly Johnson

Co-founder/Bridal Specialist

Kimberly “Kimmy” Johnson has been a master stylist and bridal specialist for over 26 years. Her love for ‘all things bridal’ has made her to ‘go to stylist for elegant unique hair designs for special occasions. Brides simply love her. Her booming clientele is a testament of her excellent service and genuine desire to satisfy her clients. She loves encouraging and empowering everyone who visits the salon. She believes that ‘to whom much is given, much is required’. Her dedication to her work speaks for itself.

Delsie Carter

Co-founder/Master Cutter-Colorist

Delsie Carter, affectionately known as Dqueen, is a licensed stylist/ wellness coach and psychology major whose passions to create and inspire others are expressed in her work. Although quite proficient in all styling areas, she is particularly skilled in haircutting, signature styling and empowering clients. “The most rewarding part of servicing clients is witnessing their overall change and shift in their demeanor after their service is completed. They come in one way and they leave completely different, ready to conquer the world”. Serving others is her life’s purpose.

Florence Missouri

Licensed Stylist/ Kiddie Styling Expert

Florence Missouri, also known as “Frannie”, is a 11- year veteran stylist who has an expertise in the kiddie styling experience. Her easy going nature and her love for children allows her to create magnificent styles on the youngest of clients. She is exceptionally skilled in braiding and weaving techniques. It is no surprise that her favorite color is red, as it personifies her love and loyalty to those who are fortunate to make her acquaintance.


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