Who We Are

Who We Are

Body & Soul Hair Salon LLC. is one of the best black-owned beauty salons in Brooklyn, New  York. We are known as a sacred space of wellness and self-care for many. Since established in the summer of 1998, we have been dedicated to empowering and uplifting not only our clients; but the community at large. The salon is the home of the Bojoul brand which represents our vision of empowerment and self-care prioritization. The word “Bojoul”  is a term that merges both the words body and soul; the name of the salon itself.  The definition of the word embodies a far deeper meaning : Self-care is the best care.

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Beauty & Self- Care

Beauty and self-care has to be considered together as one idea. It is incredibly difficult to enjoy true beauty when self care is being neglected. Caring for oneself and engaging in activities that bring happiness is the kind of beauty that cannot be measured by glancing in the mirror. Conversely, when these two concepts intersect with one another, beauty in its unpolluted form is unveiled.

The basics of self care are essential to any beauty regimen. Bojoul’s Ultimate Guide to Self- Care provides a foundational approach to caring for oneself.

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Beauty & Self- Care
Our Services

Our Services

We offer a large variety of services and products designed to enhance our client from the inside out. Our focus is to serve our clients overall well-being by providing services that are life enhancing.



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Celebrating 25 Years Of Beauty: Join Us In Giving Back!

Join us in Commemorating Our 25th Anniversary: A Legacy of Beauty and Community Support Welcome to Body & Soul Hair Salon’s 25th Anniversary Celebration! We are delighted to have served our beloved community for a quarter of a century, providing exceptional beauty services and creating countless unforgettable experiences for our cherished clients….

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What are people saying about us?

Keliesha HugginsKeliesha Huggins
00:34 25 Dec 22
This is home. The entire atmosphere is full of positive vibes. You can feel it as soon as you enter. I love everyone in here especially D. You just have to know her to get the vibe she is on. A whole nother lever of greatness. God has really blessed this entire establishment and the people in it. There is absolutely no negative energy at all. When I tell you. Everyone works together and they are like family. Have never felt more at peace in a Salon. My children 7 and 16 get their hair styled by Ms. Thaleshia. She is amazing. Super kind and extremely patient. If you want someone who is gentle and loving with your tender headed or not tender headed child she is the one. I just love how well she works with both of them. My 16 year old can't stop talking about how she washes his hair and how blown away he is by her styles. You should see the excitement in his eyes as he expresses himself. He doesn't want anyone else to do his hair and waits as long as she's available to do it. My tender headed 7 year old won't have anyone else do her hair besides Thaleshia so that goes to show you how good she is. The owner is a angel sent in human form from God. Her presence alone makes you feel welcomed. She is always happy to see you and concerned with your well being. My 4 year old is never still at this place of business and I'm always so nervous when he is there but she talks to him as if he is her own son. She is gentle with her words and has a great sense of humor. He loves their conversations 🥰. There's another stylist who is very sweet as well. Come out and get your hair styled. You won't regret it. They all work with you and absolutely enjoy what they do for a living. Thank you so much ladies for making me and my family feel at peace while we're here. With all the love in the universe Keliesha, Keron Jr., Karan , and Kai-Yair 😘❤🧡💛
Wintress LegetteWintress Legette
00:39 27 Nov 22
Ms.Dee is the queen, for my first time there my experience was a pleasant one, great conversation, wonderful old school r&b music.The staff is great and friendly, and the shop is very very clean. The proffesionalism between the staff is awesome. These ladies clean as they go and prep for the next client.Well worth my time and money..Thanks again!!!!!.. I am a very happy and pleased customer. God Bless 4 ever...
Sandra BlackmanSandra Blackman
23:38 09 Oct 22
I am extremely impressed and excited about the microlinks I got installed as well as the treatment my hair received. The experience was absolutely wonderful. The level of professionalism from Dee was absolutely amazing!!!!! I finally found a stylist that goes above and beyond with a fabulous vibe....The microlinks look so natural and real..I cant believe it...I love hair received a deep treatment as well for a great price..its a win win win win!!!!! I'm definitely a client now!!!
Javrey BenjaminJavrey Benjamin
03:18 20 Aug 22
I visited Body and Soul Salon and I'm extremely happy, with the Services provided by Dee. Dee help me get my starter locs, she was very Commutative, engaging, and easy going. The entire staff at the Salon was friendly and kind. I highly recommend their services.
Roshell PowdarRoshell Powdar
22:39 18 Aug 22
My name is Aliyah and I am 9 yrs old. Today 8/18/22 my mom took me to Mrs.Dee to shampoo and a steam treatment. When I got home I told my mom that I want to keep going to Mrs Dee salon. Purple is one of my favorite colors, the salon is purple. Usually when people wash and blow out my hair its hurts. Everyone was so gentle, my hair feels clean and looks good. Even though I only got a blowout, I really like it at Mrs Dee. I was treated good and I am happy with my hair. That usually doesn’t happen. Yes I am 9 but I know the difference between good and bad service. Mrs Dee I will be back , I am your permanent customer.

Our Team


Kimberly Johnson

Co-founder/Bridal Specialist

Kimberly “Kimmy” Johnson has been a master stylist and bridal specialist for over 26 years. Her love for ‘all things bridal’ has made her to ‘go to stylist for elegant unique hair designs for special occasions. Brides simply love her. Her booming clientele is a testament of her excellent service and genuine desire to satisfy her clients. She loves encouraging and empowering everyone who visits the salon. She believes that ‘to whom much is given, much is required’. Her dedication to her work speaks for itself.


Delsie Carter

Co-founder/Master Cutter-Colorist

Delsie Carter, affectionately known as Dqueen, is a licensed stylist/ wellness coach and psychology major whose passions to create and inspire others are expressed in her work. Although quite proficient in all styling areas, she is particularly skilled in haircutting, signature styling and empowering clients. “The most rewarding part of servicing clients is witnessing their overall change and shift in their demeanor after their service is completed. They come in one way and they leave completely different, ready to conquer the world”. Serving others is her life’s purpose.


Florence Missouri

Licensed Stylist/ Kiddie Styling Expert

Florence Missouri, also known as “Frannie”, is a 11- year veteran stylist who has an expertise in the kiddie styling experience. Her easy going nature and her love for children allows her to create magnificent styles on the youngest of clients. She is exceptionally skilled in braiding and weaving techniques. It is no surprise that her favorite color is red, as it personifies her love and loyalty to those who are fortunate to make her acquaintance.


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